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Remove/Diable JAVA NOW

Remove java from Control panel–> program.
Then go here ,
click on “Verify Java”.

If it ask to down load Java, or to run a disabled plug-in, then it means this PC is safe.

About why:

OBI 110 configuration example of “google voice + +anveo”

note: “This is for Canada verision where google voice can’t port a Canadian number, so port the number to”

With this configuarion,
All phone call to North American is free : via Google voice
All incoming call are monthly 2.9$ : Via Anveo
911 call go from anveo
ALl 311 411 511 811 call are free: via
All international call are 0.015 per minutes: via VOIP.

Apply google voice account at
Apply and Anveo account from and
Register a DTD number at
Get SIP username + password of both anveo and
login into obi110 from register SP1(service provicer 1) as Anveo, register Google voice as SP2(service provider 2).
Enter expert config.
Inside User Defined Digit Maps, create one User Defined Digit Map3
name: trk


Inside ‘Gateways and Trunk Groups’: create a new gateway for VOIP MS:

Name : Any name
AccessNumber sp1(
DigitMap ([2-9]11|1xxxxxxxxxx|<1>[2-9]xxxxxxxxx|011xx.|xx.|(Mipd)|[^*#]@@.)
AuthUserID 146xxx (6 digi VOIP SIP ID)

Create Trunk Group1
Name:Trunk Group1

DigitMap : 0xx.|([1-9]x?*(Mpli)|[1-9]S9|[1-9][0-9]S9|911|**0|***|#|**1(Msp1)|**2(Msp2)|**8(Mli)|**9(Mpp)|**3(Mvg1)|*#2(Mvg2)|*#3(Mvg3)|*#4(Mvg4)|*#5(Mvg5)|*#6(Mvg6)|*#7(Mvg7)|*#8(Mvg8)|(Mpli))
OutboundCallRoute: {911:sp1},{([1-9]x?*(Mpli)):pp},{(<#:>|911):li},{**0:aa},{***:aa2},{(<**1:>(Msp1)):sp1},{(<**2:>(Msp2)):sp2},{(<**8:>(Mli)):li},{(<**9:>(Mpp)):pp},{(<**3:>(Mvg1)):vg1},{(<*#2:>(Mvg2)):vg2},{(<*#3:>(Mvg3)):vg3},{(<*#4:>(Mvg4)):vg4},{(<*#5:>(Mvg5)):vg5},{(<*#6:>(Mvg6)):vg6},{(<*#7:>(Mvg7)):vg7},{(<*#8:>(Mvg8)):vg8},{(Mpli):pli}
PrimaryLine: Trunk Grpup 1

ITSP Profile B:

ITSP Profile A:

Reboot OBI100.