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file transfer requirement

normal user could need to post file inside his phone to a PC, to another user’s phone , or to another device. without need to connect to that user. he might be just need it for one time only.

on his phone, he just need to install this app. and select which file to transfer. on another phone, it will display a mic code. it could be a number , or could be any thing easy to set target. to transfer file to that target.

target phone or browser will be post the file and accept , show progress , allow to save to local drive.

It should be fast, no limit the file size.

pcap_sendpacket send: Message too long (errno = 90)

run this line to disable NIC assemble packet before reach to pcap reader

for i in rx tx sg tso ufo gso gro lro; do ethtool -K wlan0 $i off; done

view setting

ethtool -k wlan0

windows :