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SKI Board/Shoes for newbie

Last year I had good time train Patrick SKI at St bruno,  he picked up quickly in 2 hours, and started building addict to ski at higher mountain.  this year we plan to expand it a bit.


1.  Season pass at Bromont, (why Bromont?  Higher, a little bit far, but  40 minutes driving acceptable for 4 hours plan.  have 5-6 beginer trail.)   20% discount when more than 4 tickets purchase at same time.

2. Goggles,   not really needed, but Patrick think it’s look so cool when saw it in Costco . 30$,  We bought it, later I astonished at sport expert shopping counter , the price range from 60$ to 300$.  I can’t really tell the difference. but happy for beginer like us have a Costco selling item. it looks fantastic.

3. SKI board and shoes:  Not going to buy it for 6 years boy, as he grow quickly. the length of ski board and shoe will soon not fit.   Renting price are around 90$, and some store have discount with group on