TCP window scaling (Windows)





Windows 2003;en-us;912222

Data type Range Default value
REG_DWORD 0 | 1 | 2 | 3 3


Specifies whether TCP uses the timestamping and window scaling features described in RFC 1323, TCP Extensions for High Performance.

Window scaling permits TCP to negotiate a scaling factor for the TCP receive window size, allowing for a very large TCP receive window of up to 1 GB. The TCP receive window is the amount of data that the sending host can send at one time on a connection.

Timestamps help TCP measure round trip time (RTT) accurately in order to adjust retransmission timeouts. The Timestamps option provides two timestamp fields of 4 bytes each in the TCP header, one to record the time the initial transmission is sent and one to record the time on the remote host.

This entry is a 2-bit bitmask. The lower bit determines whether scaling is enabled; the higher bit determines whether timestamps are enabled. To enable a feature, set the bit representing the feature to 1. To disable a feature, set its bit to 0.

Value Meaning
0 (00) Timestamps and window scaling are disabled.
1 (01) Window scaling is enabled.
2 (10) Timestamps are enabled.
3 (11) Timestamps and window scaling are enabled.